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British signers add their international experience to SIGNSPACE at our UK workshop

2 May, 2018

We are delighted to have welcomed a group of British signers to iSLanDS for our UK SIGNSPACE workshop, following our workshops in Indonesia, India and Nicaragua. This group helped the SIGNSPACE team to achieve another milestone in our project facilitating international co-working with deaf sign language users, by exploring how to build competence in communicating across different sign languages. This workshop, held in March, was made possible by the leadership of our consultant Lesley Davidson. It also benefited from the expertise of guests from India and South Korea, and UCLan members who have taught in Indonesia and Italy.

SIGNSPACE UK working March 2018

Participants at our UK SIGNSPACE workshop, held at iSLanDS in March 2018

The idea behind SIGNSPACE is that deaf people from different countries should be enabled to communicate sign-to-sign directly with each other, without intermediaries and without having to know English. So the SIGNSPACE team has developed a series of online lessons to increase meta-linguistic awareness about different sign languages in the world, and a sign-to-sign translation tool. Users can upload their selected signs and pair them with signs from another language, creating a bilingual sign inventory that suits their communication needs when working together on projects. At the end of the workshop, the participants had a panel discussion, with debates about international contact, the status of International Sign, and relationships between deaf communities.


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