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Indian signers prepare to cross language boundaries at SIGNSPACE workshop

4 September, 2017

Thank you to our Indian colleagues, participants and project partners for hosting the second workshop in our SIGNSPACE project. A group of deaf participants worked intensively for two days in June to test and create training materials for the innovative online portal being developed in this exciting project.


The aim of SIGNSPACE is for signers to communicate across language boundaries, build meta-linguistic awareness, use sign languages bilingually and multilingually, and interact remotely with people who use different sign languages. On the first day of the workshop, 30 participants provided feedback to the project team about the training materials developed so far, and then on the second day a smaller sub-group assembled further materials to add to the portal.

Professor Ulrike Zeshan, principal investigator of the project, commented: “The SIGNSPACE development is a new way of bringing deaf communities from different countries together to work on issues of importance to them, and this workshop focussed on meta-linguistic competences for communication across different sign languages. I am grateful to our partners in Vadodara, Mook Badhir Mandal and Ishara Foundation, for hosting this workshop”.

This is the second in a series of workshops that the team is undertaking in several countries. The next workshop will take place this November in Hungary, organised by our partner Dolphio.

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