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iSLanDS goes to ISLOJ to share knowledge on Indonesian Sign Language

26 May, 2017

Our research fellow Nick Palfreyman has opened the Sixth International Symposium on the Languages of Java (ISLOJ), which took place in Semarang, Central Java, at the end of last week (18-19 May 2017).

Nick’s presentation, Towards a typology of grammatical negation in BISINDO, is part of a concerted effort to raise the profile of Indonesian Sign Language (BISINDO) in the academic community.

Semarang 2

Nick gives his presentation at the ISLOJ conference.

He was joined by Ferdiyanto Turut (‘Yanto’), a member of the Indonesian deaf community, in a move made possible by support from PUPET (our Indonesia hub), with funding from UCLAN.

After the symposium, Nick and Yanto went to Solo, where they met with members of the local deaf community to share information about their experiences.

“One of the aims of PUPET is to share research skills with deaf Indonesians,” Nick explained, “so I’m really pleased that Yanto was able to come to the conference. It was great to share this new experience with him!”

Semarang 1

Nick with Yanto, a member of the Indonesian deaf community who lives in Bali.

We asked Yanto to share his impressions with us. He said, “I had never been to an event like this before, and I found it thrilling to learn more about linguistics, it was an inspiration for me. I will benefit from this a lot, as I plan to conduct research myself in future.

“I was also happy to see hearing academics learning more about Indonesian Sign Language.”

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