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UNESCO post for our PhD student Rita Huhua Fan

17 May, 2017

Many congratulations to our PhD student, Rita Huhua Fan, on the commencement of her prestigious post at UNESCO in Paris. Working in UNESCO’s Education Sector, she is focussing on how ICT is used, monitored and evaluated in education. Her role, entitled Associate Project Officer at the ICT in Education Unit, involves coordinating the Leveraging ICT to Achieve Education 2030 project and its related publications.


As a PhD student working on our deaf literacy project, she is currently writing a thesis with the working title, ‘A developmental evaluation of an e-learning ecosystem for Deaf adult learners’ English literacy attainment in India’, and plans to submit in 2018. She said that her learning at iSLanDS during her doctoral studies and through her publication work has been very useful in paving the way for this exciting post at UNESCO. She commented:

‘Having worked in the field of education for several years with a recent shift to digital education, this role at the ICT in Education Unit at UNESCO is ideal for me. It is quite challenging and I also feel excited to work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

‘Without my experience at iSLanDS, I would not have been able to get this job. I benefitted from my studies at iSLanDS in many aspects, including gathering international project experience in the Peer to Peer Deaf literacy project, improving my research skills, and gaining experience in publishing at Ishara Press. I am now familiar with the entire process of producing research publications in an international context, which is hugely advantageous in my new position as well as being an indispensable part of an academic career.

‘But it was the transformative, deaf-led approaches and the special attention paid to ethics at iSLanDS that have had perhaps the greatest impact on my personal values. I feel that studying at an institute that is leading in this area will have a long-term impact on my future career.’

Please join us in congratulating Rita and wishing her the best success at UNESCO.


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