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Thanks to Chinese partners for special visit and discussions on deaf literacy

8 August, 2016

The iSLanDS team was delighted to host a visit from our Chinese partners at Zhongzhou University in July. Led by our colleague Dr Junhui Yang from the BSL and Deaf Studies team at UCLan, and Prof Fanling Meng from Zhongzhou, we are working on new approaches to teaching English literacy to deaf university students in China.

China visit July2016

Zhongzhou University is home to China’s largest deaf college with 600 deaf students and was host to our SIGN7 conference. The deaf and hearing visitors, including a deaf Chinese graduate from our BA programme taught in India, stayed in the UK for 10 days, also visiting departments in London and Cambridge. In addition to planning the joint research with us, they also organised a Chinese cultural event on the UCLan campus together with the Confucius Institute.

Our research in China will build on the findings from the Peer to Peer Deaf Literacy project in India, Ghana and Uganda. Prof Zeshan commented: “It is very interesting to adapt some of the results from our literacy research to the rather different environment in China, and brilliant to see the benefits from this research spread to other countries. This was always our intention but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon”. The UCLan team members are looking forward to a return visit to China next year as part of this three-year project supported by the British Council.


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