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Indonesian hub coordinator and sign language teaching pioneer visits iSLanDS

6 June, 2016

We were delighted to host a special visit last month from one of our deaf Indonesian partners, Muhammad Isnaini, the coordinator of our hub PUPET. He travelled here to learn more about the teaching of sign language, which is still a very new field in Indonesia.

Muh teaching

Muhammad teaching BISINDO to Indonesian and Malaysian people in Preston


As a pioneer in this area, Muhammad has recently begun teaching BISINDO (Indonesian Sign Language) in West Java, and during his UK trip he observed how local BSL classes are taught at level 1 and level 2. He commented: “Seeing the real-life methods used to teach sign language in Britain, and being able to meet with practitioners who could share their years of expertise on deaf education and sign language teaching, was a tremendous opportunity for me as a new teacher”.

He also delivered a BISINDO lesson to nine people from Indonesia and Malaysia who live in Preston, learned about teaching numeracy to primary school children, and visited Frank Barnes deaf school in London to observe literacy classes. This was Muhammad’s second visit to iSLanDS, the first being in 2012 when he learned about organisational development and language research.

Frank Barnes

Nick and Muhammad outside Frank Barnes deaf school in London


Our research fellow Nick Palfreyman, who arranged the programme for the visit, added: “Having so many chances to learn and share information on sign language teaching with experienced colleagues here in the UK made Muhammad’s time with us here very inspiring and valuable. We would like to thank everyone who made this visit such a success”.

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