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Jobs available in India for one-year research project starting in May

2 April, 2015

For our project on deaf literacy through peer teaching and online learning materials (‘P2Pdeafliteracy’), iSLanDS and our Indian partner will be looking for suitable candidates to work on the project in India. This is a one-year research project, and we will be looking for research assistants and English literacy peer tutors. A summary of the project is available at

We expect all project staff to start working from 1st May 2015, and staff will be working in several different locations across India. There will be an initial two-week training period in the first two weeks of May.

Three research assistants will work for 12 months and the expected monthly remuneration is approximately Rs. 22,000-24,000. They will coordinate data collection and analysis, and will work closely with researchers at iSLanDS and at Lancaster University, who are leading the project. Research assistants will also guide the peer tutors.

Five peer tutors will work for 10 months and the expected monthly remuneration is approximately Rs. 12,000-14,000. They will teach English to deaf ISL users and collect data from field sites in India, working closely with the research assistants.

For all posts, we will need candidates who have:

  • High level of fluency in Indian Sign Language
  • Experience working with deaf sign language users
  • Good computer skills
  • Experience/ability to coordinate/organise groups of people and events
  • Ability and flexibility to travel

In addition, research assistants will need:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Good level of fluency in written English
  • Good understanding of bilingual education approaches for deaf students
  • Ability to work with bilingual teaching materials

And peer tutors will need:

  • Basic level of communicative competence in written English
  • Good level of familiarity with video filming and editing
  • Enthusiasm and ability to motivate groups of people

The posts will be advertised formally soon, and candidates first have to apply through application forms. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in the second half of April. All details will be available through the iSLanDS blog and other channels. In the meantime, please email with any questions.

This information is available in Indian Sign Language at:

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