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Call for SIGN7 fringe meeting proposals

18 September, 2014

As well as the main sessions at SIGN7, there will be space for fringe meetings, discussions and training sessions. We welcome the submission of ideas for these, with a short proposal of your idea for either:

Fringe meeting:
A meeting to exchange experience on a certain topic in a smaller setting. It is an opportunity to discuss your draft or project with a group of sign language linguists and researchers.

A free slot to discuss a certain topic in a small group of people.

Training session:
A teaching-oriented workshop aimed at educating the audience in some way, led by the person who submitted the idea.

Topics can be similar to those of the conference as a whole, but are not restricted to this. Topics may include bilingual education; approaches to Deaf culture; linguistic and cultural diversity of Deaf communities; and applied linguistics areas such as sign language teaching, literacy, or sign language interpreting.

Rooms to hold meetings will be provided at the conference venue, so that at least 10 people can participate. The meetings will be placed in different slots throughout the conference and one meeting will usually be limited to one hour or less (we will advise you on your time slot if your proposal is accepted).

The deadline for submitting proposals is Friday 3rd October. Your proposal for a fringe meeting, discussion or training session should not exceed 250 words. Please send your proposal to

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