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iSLanDS at 6th International Society for Gesture Studies conference

15 July, 2014

Two iSLanDS team members presented at the 6th conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS) last week in San Diego, California. Professor Ulrike Zeshan, director of iSLanDS, delivered a talk on the behaviour known as ‘sign-speaking’ entitled ‘The simultaneous co-production of Indian Sign Language and spoken Hindi: Syntax and semantics’ on 9 July. A video presentation on ‘Repair sequences in cross signing’ was given on 11 July by Kang Suk Byun from the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, who works on several iSLanDS projects including Multilingual Behaviour in Sign Language Users (Multisign). This presentation explored a data set of the first encounters between signers of Korean Sign Language, Sign Language of the Netherlands, Russian Sign Language and Hong Kong Sign Language. It was co-written by Anastasia Bradford, Connie De Vos, Stephen C. Levinson and Ulrike Zeshan.

Kang Suk Byun presents by video while Professor Ulrike Zeshan voices over

Kang Suk Byun presents by video while Ulrike Zeshan voices over

Both talks were based on findings from Multisign, which is funded by the European Research Council, in relation to the phenomena of sign-speaking and cross-signing.

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