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Capacity-building hub workshop to be hosted in India on 14-15 April

1 April, 2014

We are excited to announce that iSLanDS is co-hosting a workshop in India to engage with the deaf community there about plans for a capacity-building hub.


This two-day workshop, which is also hosted by the National Association of the Deaf in New Delhi, is called “Working together for education – Capacity building in the Indian deaf community” and will take place on 14th and 15th April 2014 at the Indian Social Institute in New Delhi. Confirmed participants include seven deaf teachers as well as representatives from eight deaf-led organisations and two deaf schools that use bilingual teaching methods. We are grateful to all of our invited participants for being a part of this crucial step toward realising the immense potential within the Indian deaf community.

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At this workshop, we will discuss deaf community members’ ideas on a capacity-building hub, for potential research activities and training delivered by and for local deaf people. As our key stakeholders, the deaf community are the foremost contributors to our hub work and related projects, including a forthcoming applied linguistics summer school, deaf-led online peer teaching of English, and research on deaf learners’ literacy acquisition.

Our hub concept involves creating a network of partners worldwide who are ready to collaborate with us for research, taught courses and/or capacity building work as necessary. Potential hub members can be any sort of organisation (e.g. educational, medical, governmental), as long as they have deaf sign language users in key roles, basic deaf awareness training for all staff, and active provision of communication between hearing and deaf people within the organisation.

To advance these plans, it is vital for us to gain the advice and guidance of our deaf colleagues and associates (present and future). We are interested in the specific needs of the varied institutions headed by deaf people, what programmes and resources they currently have, their main focus areas, what hub activities they would benefit from and whether they might wish to be involved in a hub management committee to work further towards registration, website creation, and terms of reference.

The workshop format will include presentations, small outcome-oriented round table discussions, and invited speakers to present on their deaf-led projects and institutions. A more detailed programme for the two-day workshop will be announced soon. For more details, please email iSLanDS lecturer Sibaji Panda

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