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SIGN6 information update

17 September, 2012

Please note SIGN6 update information below:



The following fees will apply:

For participants from industrialised countries:

SIGN6 conference (7-9 Feb 2013): US$ 125

Pre-conference workshops (5-6 Feb): US$ 50


For participants from developing countries:

SIGN6 conference (7-9 Feb 2013): US$ 25

Pre-conference workshops (5-6 Feb): US$ 15

We follow the OECD list of developing countries.


A need-based fee waiver application process will be available shortly. A limited number of fee waivers will be available. Presenters with appropriate justification will be prioritised for fee waivers, though we expect some fee waivers to be available for non-presenting participants too. This time, no financial assistance is available for travel and accommodation costs. We are happy to issue letters of support to prospective participants and presenters who are applying for financial support elsewhere.



Many nationalities will need pre-arranged visas to enter India. Visa on arrival is available to a few nationalities only. All non-Indian participants should check with their local Indian representation about visa requirements. The processes and requirements change from time to time, including the time it takes to process visa applications, so it is important to have up-to-date information.


Registration and further information:

For further information about registration, fees, and fee waivers, please email

Information is also available on these websites and will be updated regularly:



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