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SIGN6 Call for Papers

27 June, 2012


Conference Announcement and First Call for Papers

Date: 07-09 February 2013 (+ pre-conference workshop 05-06 February 2013)

Place: Goa, India (specifics to be announced)

Organised by: International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK

Indian academic partner: Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre, IGNOU, New Delhi


We invite contributions to the following SIGN6 sessions:

Session 1: Sign language and linguistics

 Studies on any aspect of linguistic structure with respect to individual sign languages or  cross-linguistic comparative sign language studies.

  • Research on undocumented or  under-documented sign languages (incl. minority sign languages, village  sign languages, sign languages in developing countries, dialects, etc.).
  • Reports on emerging sign  language linguistics in regions without substantial previous research on sign languages.
  • International sign language  research cooperation (bi- and multilateral, models, networks,  implementation).
  • Sign language research tools, technologies and methodologies (e.g. corpus, transcription tools, databases, fieldwork resources)
  • Sign language endangerment and the emergence of new sign languages.
  • Ethical issues in sign language research.

Session 2:  Community, Culture and Deaf Education

 Sociolinguistic and anthropological studies

  • Country reports on the community and culture of Deaf people
  • Relationships between sign language researchers and Deaf communities
  • Policy development for sign languages, Deaf communities, and Deaf education
  • Education of the deaf (methodologies, bilingualism, the role of sign language in Deaf education, and the like).
  • Sign language interpreting and related issues.

Special session: Sign Language, Linguistics and Deaf communities in South Asia.

  • Sign language linguistics in South Asia (project reports, resource development, sign linguistics research, dictionaries, video materials development, etc)
  • New developments, emerging research, and their impact on Deaf communities
  • Government policies and Deaf advocacy on sign language recognition and linguistic rights of Deaf people
  • Education of the Deaf in South Asia (reflections on problems, research based implementation plans, etc.)
  • Research and regional cooperation in South Asia.

Slots for presentations in all sessions are 50 minutes (40 minutes presentation and 10 minutes questions/discussion).

CONFERENCE LANGUAGES are International Sign and Indian Sign Language; the language of written communication is English. Spoken language interpreting will not be available. Presentations must be in International Sign or in Indian Sign Language.

SUBMISSION guidelines

Submissions should be in International Sign or Indian Sign Language. If you are unable to submit a signed abstract, e.g. for technical reasons, we can exceptionally accept your abstract in English. Submissions are limited to two abstracts per person as single and/or joint author. Submission options are:

a)    Send a video submission of max. 5 minutes in International Sign or Indian Sign Language as email attachment to

b)   Post your video submission to the iSLanDS Institute postal address:

International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies
University of Central Lancashire
United Kingdom

We can deal with all common video standards.

c)    For submitting in English, email your abstract (500 words maximum) to


Specifics of fees to be announced separately. Payment of fees will provide admission to all sessions during the pre-conference workshop / the SIGN6 conference, a conference pack, morning and afternoon tea/coffee and lunch.

Details on accommodation options will also be posted separately at a later date.

Important deadlines:

Submission of abstracts: 20 August 2012

Notification of acceptance: 10 Sept 2012

Deadline for registration: 17 December 2012

Academic committee:


Dr. George Akanlig-Pare University of Ghana, Ghana
Dr. Tanmoy Bhattacharya Delhi University, India
Dr. John Bosco Conama Trinity College Dublin,   Ireland                 
Kang-Suk Byun, MA Chungnam University,   South Korea
Dr. Annelies Kusters Belgium
Dr. Elizabeth Lockwood University of Arizona South, USA
Dr. Gaurav Mathur Gallaudet University, USA
Dr. Nicolas Médin Université Paris 8, France
Dr. Gene Mirus Gallaudet University, USA
Christian Ramirez, M.L. National Resource Centre for Inclusive Education,   Costa Rica
Prof. Avadhesh Singh Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre,   IGNOU, India
Prof. Madan Vasishta Gallaudet University, USA, and Indian Sign Language   Research and Training Centre, IGNOU, India
Prof. Ulrike Zeshan University of Central Lancashire, UK


Simeon Hart, MA              University of Central Lancashire

Sibaji Panda, MA               University of Central Lancashire

Claire Perdomo                 University of Central Lancashire

Prof. Madan Vasishta         ISLTRC, IGNOU, India

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