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iSLanDS members at WFD Congress

31 July, 2011

I was not at the WFD Congress in South Africa myself, but a number of iSLanDS members were there. Our MA student Hasan Dikyuva from Turkey has been elected onto the WFD board – I heard that apparently he is the youngest-ever WFD board member! He was also instrumental in delivering the successful pitch for Turkey to host the next WFD Congress in Istanbul. Hasan is just about to finish his MA and is one of the field researchers in our project on endangered village sign languages. Sibaji Panda, our lecturer in applied sign linguistics at iSLanDS, participated at WFD on behalf of his native India. Sibaji was recently elected Vice-President of the All India Federation of the Deaf – the AIFD is the national deaf organisation that is affiliated to WFD. I am very impressed with these colleagues, and will continue to support their NGO roles alongside their work and study at iSLanDS.

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