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Longitudinal Documentation of Sign Language Acquisition in a Deaf Village in Bali

28 July, 2011

The iSLanDS institute starts an ELDP-funded project called “Longitudinal Documentation of Sign Language Acquisition in a Deaf Village in Bali” in August 2011. 

As part of this project Connie de Vos (PI) will conduct fieldwork in Bali in September 2011 and May 2012. The project has three documentation outcomes:

1. Bi-weekly video recordings of two deaf children acquiring Kata Kolok from the age of 6;4 and 6;6 (till 7;3 and 7;5) in various culturally appropriate contexts: with adults during, for instance, meal times, farming activities, and religious activities, in interaction with other (deaf) children, and at school.

2. The creation of enriched metadata of the child signing section of the previously created Kata Kolok corpus which contains 50 hours of recordings from the same children between the ages of 2;1-4;3 and 2;0-4;2.

3. Annotations indicating activities, signed utterances, and topics of conversation on these previously recorded video data.

All data will be archived digitally with ELAR at SOAS, the Village Sign corpus at iSLanDS, and in the digital archive of  the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

This project dovetails with the EuroBabel project funded by EUROCORES, which investigates sign languages in ten different rural communities across the world, among them Kata Kolok (KK).

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