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African project completed

16 November, 2010

The iSLanDS project with partners in Ghana and Uganda under the British Council’s “Education Partnerships in Africa” programme is now completed. Providing university access for deaf students in both countries has been one of the most important project aims. We will post a project summary on the iSLanDS website soon, with some photos/videos from the conferences in Accra and Kampala. Compiling the final report for funders is probably one of the Principal Investigator’s least favourite tasks – we all just want to get on with a new project! Chasing various invoices, and trying to get all the numbers right in the financial documentation can be particularly challenging. However, somtimes it is only at the final report stage that you realise how much actually has been done in a relatively small and humble project, and how it has all somehow magically come together after all. But of course it’s not magic at all, but all due to our wonderful project team – Sam, Marco, Bonnie, George and all, keep up the good work! We are planning the follow-up activities now.

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